I am daunted by your stories.

You brave, wonderful, beautiful people with your words of heartache, loss, abuse, survival and recovery. Most of these things I have not endured, and others in only small measure. My losses have been in the order of things; loved ones who grew old, faded, and passed away. I grieved their passing and miss their presence, and regret that I was separated from their last years by oceans and time zones, but Death is not so painful when he arrives at the naturally-appointed time.

What have I to say to you who have lost a child? You who have lost innocence, or health, or a lover, or peace of mind? What worth is my testimony of unearned blessing to a world where so many bear greater burdens and enjoy fewer rewards?

My faith is real, and growing, and informed by the experiences you have shared, but it has not been tested. As time goes by and life becomes ever more comfortable, I am afraid of how hard that test will be when it arrives.

2 thoughts on “Untested

  1. Cyndie says:

    I’m glad you’ve found your voice again. Don’t be afraid.

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